Polished Slice

Natural Gemstones polished into a flat natural gemstone disc ~ Since slices lay flat, they are ideal for gridding your body, not only will they stay in place, but they also cover a larger portion of your body with crystal energy. One of the benefits of using a crystal slice is that you can put an additional crystal on top of it to amplify its energy. They are easy to carry in your pocket for crystal healing and protection wherever you are. Crystal slices can be incorporated to your home d├ęcor to add a subtle boost of energy to your design. You can place your beauty products on your slices to infuse them energy and you can place your herbs, vitamins or tinctures on top of a slice to cleanse them. You can also use slices on your altar to display larger crystals on top.
Stone: Shungite
Width: 50cm
Price: £10.00
In Stock: 3

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