About Us

We have had a passion for selling crystals to our customers for over a decade. Picked on travels to distant shores, along dirt tracks and up mountains we have sourced a plethora of beautiful crystals, gemstones and fossils from around the world.

Colourful, unique, intricate and simple and gathering energy through time, natures creations are always our favourite kind of art. Pleasing to the eye and healing to the soul for those who choose to work with them, it is no wonder that crystals have been used for over 9'000 years to help energetically heal those in need.

Whether you love crystals and fossils for their healing properties or are just drawn to the beauty and storey of them, we think you'll find something you like here.

Our love for crystals and their properties has led us here and now we get to share it with you. Thank you to our loyal customers, we listened and we've finally 'gone online'...Better late than never!

Kamali Crystals London
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