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Heart pendant

Citrine Heart pendant

Stone: Citrine
Size: 21mm
Price: £10.00

Heart pendant

This exquisite, hand-crafted heart pendant has been beautifully mounted in a sterling silver band.

The piece is of exceptional quality and makes the perfect gift for a loved one. Each pendant has been sourced and crafted in Brazil under ethical conditions.

Citrine Meaning and Information

Citrine is a golden yellow quartz that crystal lore says attracts good fortune and abundance and helps you to manifest your goals.

Citrine as a healing stone

Citrine is a crystal that is imagined as being like a good friend that encourages you and gives you self-confidence. Its emotional qualities are optimism, hope and warmth and it absorbs negativity

Some also claim that it can prevent self-destructive tendencies by elevating your level of self-esteem.

It is good for centering, can help memory, aid in problem solving and gives confidence and self-discipline. Citrine is also considered to be good for the kidneys, colon, liver and gallbladder.

Citrine in the spiritual realm

Citrine's energy and colour make this stone associated with the sun.

It is said that the stone drives out darkness and night fears and helps to protect against negative people.

Intuition can be increased with this stone and it can help you to discern your inner voice from free floating anxiety.

This is one of two stones generally accepted not to absorb negativity, but instead dissipates and transmutes it.

Because of this it holds energy for very long periods of time and doesn't need to be recharged often.

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