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We're now pleased to offer free postage for any orders over £40.

We source and supply the finest quality crystals, minerals and fossils. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about where we will be exhibiting, or our rapidily expanding range.

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Featured Crystals and Jewellery:

Natural Crystal
Stone: Apophylite
Size: 0.225kg, 90mm
Price: £18.00
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Stone: Brecciated Jasper
Size: 0.042kg, 40mm
Price: £6.00
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Freeform Amethyst Statue
Stone: Uraguayan Amethyst
Size: 0.49kg, 100mm
Price: £23.00
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Agate Butterfly Pendant
Stone: Agate
Size: -
Price: £24.00
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